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559902_649401065080865_1190008130_nBrent says “I want a mule.”  I say “Why would you want a mule?”  Brent says “Never rode a mule and I’ve always wanted to.”  Well, you only live once–so I told him “Go for it.”  He started looking at mules on the internet, and found a select mule sale in Salmon, Idaho.  He found one that we liked and after watching her video–WOW!  I kinda wanted that mule too.  Brent doesn’t make up his mind very quickly, so by the time the sale was starting he still hadn’t decided to go or not.  Too late now, so I figured no mule now.  Maybe this too shall pass.

It was the Friday night of the sale and I reminded him that they do take bids over the phone.  But I know my husband, and he couldn’t do that because he wouldn’t be able to make a decision in time.

I headed over to Chuckwagon Jane’s for a movie and wine, and left Brent asleep on the couch.  Jane and I were enjoying a quiet evening when her phone rang–couldn’t get to it in time so we listened to the message.

Well, holy cow the message was my dear husband and it said “Honey, where are you?  I justa bought a mule!!”  I loped to the phone and called him back thinking he wasn’t serious of course…surprise, surprise–he’d gone and bought a mule over the phone.

What was he thinking?  He said they called him and let him know that the mule he was interested in was coming up for bid and then said it all happened so fast.  After that, he started bidding and then “Sold! To Brent Stovall!”

Long story short, we went on a road trip and picked up his mule–name her Clare on the way home.  This Mollie mule is a good one, and Brent has a new gal in his life.  He rides and packs her, they do every obstacle in the Challenge Trail Course, they have bonded so good.  She is supple, soft, moves off your legs, can do a darn good reining pattern, and is awesome on the trail.  He loves Clare, and I don’t mind sharing my husband with her–she’s a keeper in our family.  Heck, the whole barn family thinks she is great.

Clare is being used in lessons also, so she’s even earning a buck!  She’s some mule!!

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