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Breed: Paint
Registered Name: My Guy Stetson
Foaling Date: 5-4-1999
Height: 15.2 hands
Gender: Gelding

Stetson was born here on the farm. He’s out of Rhinestone Swirl (dam) and Two Bars Robin (sire). He is Swirl’s second colt out of three. His full brother Jackpot and his half brother Justin live here too. Wyatt and myself watched Stetson be born one afternoon. He grew up slowly (as all on the farm who watched him mature could tell you) but turned out to be a super nice horse. He was quite clutchy when I started him, but sure moves nicely now. I always figured he had a rough and dorky childhood cuz Swirl almost died when she was away from home to be bred. She gobbled down a lot of alfalfa and didn’t quite figure out how to use the automatic waterers where she was. She coliced super bad and I spent the night in her stall with her. Finally in the morning she got over it after two visits from the vet. But after all that stress she came home bred and gave us Stetson. He’s a special horse who is named after my dad, Guy Turnbow.

I ride him lots—he knows a lot cuz he’s been with me in a couple years of lessons with Curt Storbaken. He carries a few experienced riders in Advanced lessons also.


Update: I hand picked a student of mine to ride Stetson in her lessons.  Joni was somewhat nervous, but it did not take long before she, I and Stetson realized what a great team they made.  They made such a great bond together that I felt that there was a reason for putting them together, it wasn’t justa fluke.

Joni and I have spent many, many hours together, and have a good bond also.  God had a plan for her and Stetson.  She started planning on owning her own horse and I sneaked behind her back and talked to her husband Brad.  She was looking for a horse:  not too tall, not a lot of white (too hard to keep clean).  Well, Stetson is 15.2 hands and has lots of white.  I asked if he thought Joni would still be interested in him, even though he didn’t quite fit the bill.  After talking to Brad, he said “Oh yeah, she would love to have him!”

Joni had a very close bond with her mother in life.  Sadly, her mom had passed away about a year before, after a hell of a battle with cancer.   The day was May 17, 2013, a year since her mom had died.  On this day I knew she would be sad.  Instead of always feeling such a loss on this day, I wanted Joni to feel a joy in her life too.  I asked her to go on a trail ride with me, and let her take Stetson.  So as two cowgirls rode along, I asked her if she would like to add to her family today.  I got the deer in the headlights look from her.  And then I asked if she would like to own Stetson.  It made her smile and cry on that day…me too!

The partnership was meant to be.  They take care of each other, and I have no sellers remorse.  I justa extended my barn family too!

Stand by for Joni and My Guy Stetson’s new adventures.

2016 Update:  My Guy Stetson—Thanks for the memories.  It’s been a hell of a ride to have known Stetson.  May the grass grow deep and green beneath your hooves in horsey heaven.

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